She fainted when a handsome man approached her; This is a rare brain disease called cataplexy

She fell in love with his beauty. She was attracted to him. These words are commonly used in literary language. But it can happen not only in description but also in real life. Kirsty Brown, 32, of England, is in a coma. If you see beautiful men, then this young woman will fall in love. But this is not the kind of intimacy or feeling that men feel. Cataplexy is a rare brain disorder. Therefore, the young woman is afraid to look at men.

If you look into the eyes of an attractive person of the opposite sex, they will soon feel dizzy and fall down. Because of this condition, cataplexy is usually associated with another disorder called narcolepsy. This is an unusual sleep disorder. A person can come at any time and fall asleep like this while standing, talking or driving. The drowsiness lasts for about two minutes. So they are trying to avoid situations where they go to public places.

Kirsty has an average of five cataplexy attacks a day. But sometimes the head gets dizzy up to 50 times a day. That’s why Kirsty is afraid to leave the house. Kirsty is also unable to sleep properly. Kirsty keeps her head down to protect herself from dizziness when she walks out. Kirsty, a native of Northwich, Cheshire, has two children.