Shashi Tharoor on the UK Parliament debate on farm laws, I don’t blame the government, but.

'I don't blame the government, but ...': Shashi Tharoor on debate over UK farm laws

Congressman Shashi Tharoor said that in a democracy you are free to discuss whatever you want.

New Delhi:

After New Delhi summoned the British envoy on Tuesday for “unwarranted discussion” in the British Parliament on agricultural reforms in India, Congressman Shashi Tharoor said that in a democracy you are free to discuss what you want. wants.

“Just as we in India can discuss the Palestine-Israel issue as we have done in the past or we can discuss if we thus choose another domestic issue of a foreign country, the British Parliament has the same right. “said Mr. Tharoor, who was also the foreign minister under the UPA regime.

“I don’t blame the Indian government for doing its job, for defending its point of view. But we have to recognize that there is another point of view and that in democracies elected officials are free to express their points of view. view. “

“I don’t think there is anything so surprising. We should see it as normal give and take between democracies,” Tharoor said.

India had summoned the British high commissioner during an “unwarranted discussion” in the British parliament on agricultural reforms in India.

Farmers have camped at several Delhi border crossings for more than three months and are now calling for the complete repeal of all three farm laws.

On Tuesday, the Foreign Office “expressed strong opposition to the unwarranted and biased discussion of agricultural reforms in India in the British parliament”.

“Foreign Minister Harsh Shringla made it clear that this represented flagrant interference in the politics of another democratic country. He advised British MPs to refrain from practicing the voting bank policy by distorting the events, especially in relation to another democracy, “the statement said.