‘Shall I tie it?’, Anushree replied with a bang

Anushree is the favorite actress of Malayalam. Anushree’s answers to the questions of the fans are being discussed now. Anushree answers each question in a Q&A session on Instagram. Anushree also shared her photo. Anushree also tells fans about her family. Someone asked me to tie the knot. The answer was to tie one or two if the family agreed. Anushree also asks who told her not to. Another question was who is the current crush. Anushree’s reply was KSEB. When asked what is the current mobile ringtone, Anushree listened to the tune ‘Namasivaya’.

When asked whose heroine he would like to play in Hollywood, DiCaprio replied, “No.”

Another question was what Chechik had to say about me. Good comment. Anushree replied that she can send a personal message with a non-disclosure comment. Anushree shared the photo with the family at the request of the fan.

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Last Updated Mar 28, 2021, 12:20 PM IST