Shakti Kapoor: Shraddha is a gift from God to me

Shraddha to celebrate his birthday with his family in the Maldives; Dad Shakti Kapoor says as birthday present for her she wants him to quit smoking

POSTED ON MARCH 02, 2021 at 2:03 p.m. IST

This year the celebration of Shraddha’s birthday will be huge as all of us including the extended family will be in the Maldives, ”said Father Shakti Kapoor, speaking of actor Shraddha Kapoor attending his cousin’s wedding, Priyank Sharma, aunt (actor) The son of Padmini Kolhapure. “The wedding and the anniversary will be a great time, sab saath mein hai, toh maza aayega,” he adds.

The lead actor shares that his daughter loves her job and feels delighted when people enjoy her performances. “As a person, no one can be better than her. In fact, she has qualities that I don’t have (laughs). She has a heart of gold. She is generous and loves animals. I am so happy that even today, when she is doing so well, she listens to me, consults me on all the big decisions in life. She gave me that respect. I have nothing to complain about in life. I am blessed. She is God’s gift to me, an angel, a golden child. I remember at school she would perform on stage and I felt she could become an actress, but since she was a smart student, she went to study in the United States. I never thought she would be an actress. But achanak, when I got back from filming one fine day, I heard that she had signed Teen Patti (2010), ”says the actor, revealing that as a birthday present, Shraddha wants him to stop to smoke.

Ask him what he wants for her and he replies, “As a father, I want my children to settle down in life. But ab kab karenge .. let’s see. Today times have changed and people are settling in late in life unlike our time when people were getting married at 20 years old. I guess, every man for himself. I have no complaints.

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