shafna sajna travel | This is the beautiful beginning we mentioned, Shafna and Sajin with Himalayan highlights

shafna sajna travel

Shafna is the favorite actress of Malayalees. Sajin, the husband of the star who shined through serials, is also a favorite of Malayalees. Both are active on social media. Shafna recently spoke of a happy start to their lives. Now the actor has made it clear what that start is.

Shafna talks about her Himalayan trip with her husband. ‘That beautiful start I mentioned earlier was our new journey. Our trip took place last month after a year-long wait due to the cowardly and tight schedule. Even short trips make us very happy. ‘ About the star.

After that, the actor is posting pictures sharing the highlights of the trip. “This is their second home,” he said. Shafna says she will wait to return here. The journey to this paradise made us even happier. The love for the Himalayas will never go away. There is always the thought that there is a home for us. The villages and people there and their love and culture were special to us.-About Shafna.