seema g nair about saranya | ‘Rs 6,000 for an early pill, Saranya’s condition is very bad’; House in controversy; Says Seema G Nair

seema g nair about saranya

Saranya is the favorite actress of Malayalees. Seema G Nair, a friend and actress, says that Saranya, who has been diagnosed with cancer, is going through a very bad situation. After the cancer, Saranya was diagnosed with Kovid and his health deteriorated. The disease had spread to the spinal cord even after the last surgery. Kovid confirmed to Saranya on May 23 that he was due to be transferred to the RCC on June 3 for chemotherapy. Saranya, who is currently in a private hospital, can no longer say that she will be able to leave the hospital, says Seema G Nair. Seema G Nair made this clear while responding to a media.

A pill taken once a day costs Rs 6,000 and the same pill should be taken 3 times a day. Saranya and her family are going through a severe financial crisis. But it is a situation where you can not tell anyone or ask for help anymore. At the time of leaving the house, many people asked if they wanted a 1400 sq ft house, and those who did not know the truth behind it were talking like that.

They made a plan of 900 square feet, but two people from the United States called and asked for a more comfortable home for the child, and they said they would help. That’s how the comfort of the house increased a bit. But even then, if I ask anyone for help in a situation where it is being discussed, some people will speak against me. So I now say in a way that prayer is needed and care is needed. Seema G hopes that there will be good minds who understand that. Nair said.

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