Scindia could have been chief minister, now occupies the last seat of the BJP: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Monday that if Jyotiraditya Scindia had worked hard in the party he would have become the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, but after moving to BJP he took the ‘last seat’ .

Gandhi made the statement while addressing the Youth Congress meeting in New Delhi. He said Scindia played a decisive role in Congress.

Rahul Gandhi, who arrived in Delhi to participate in the two-day executive meeting of the Indian Youth Congress, referred to Scindia and said: “He gets a seat in the backseat of the BJP and when he was in Congress he used to sit with us.

According to sources, Gandhi said the Congress Party was a “ sea of ​​opportunity ” because its doors were open to everyone, and while no one would be barred from becoming a member, neither would anyone be barred from becoming a member. leave if he did not agree with the ideology of the party.

A member of the Youth Congress asked during the meeting whether those who leave the party and come back could get an important and decisive role later. It will take time for them to play a decisive role, Gandhi replied.

The party leader called on workers in the Youth Congress to “work to combat the ideology of the RSS and the BJP”. Twenty-two congressmen, mostly from a camp loyal to Scindia, resigned in March last year, reducing the Kamal Nath-led waiver to a minority and paving the way for the BJP to form the government.

Scindia and these former deputies then joined the BJP.

On March 10 – anniversary of the birth of his father Madhavrao Scindia – Jyotiraditya posted a letter on Twitter, dated a day earlier and addressed to Congress President Sonia Gandhi. The letter announced his resignation from Congress. Jyotiraditya joined the party 18 years ago after his father’s death.

The Scindias have a history of association with Congress and the BJP. Jyotiraditya’s grandmother, Vijaya Raje Scindia, began her political career as a member of Congress and was a member of parliament for Lok Sabha de Guna – a seat later represented by Jyotiraditya. In 1967, she left Congress and joined the Swatantra Party, then Bharatiya Jana Sangh, the former avatar of BJP. She eventually became one of the vice-presidents of the BJP. Jyotiraditya’s aunts, Vasundhara Raje and Yashodhara Raje, are senior leaders of the BJP.