Scaloni Argentina Uruguay scaloni reacts to argentina win

Coach Lionel Scolari says he is “absolutely pleased” with Argentina’s victory in the Copa America against Uruguay. Speaking to the media after the match, Scolari said that Argentina had won the last match against Chile as well and that he had corrected the small mistakes he had made that day and that the team had been able to prevent the opponents from attacking and threatening them.

Scolari praised Guido Rodriguez, who scored in the match, and Nahuel Molina, who replaced Gonzalo Montiel as a full-back. Scoaloni said Rodriguez, who has been with the team sincerely for a long time and supported his teammates, was well prepared and used the opportunity when given the opportunity. He added that players like Molino will stay with the national team for a long time.

Argentina came into the match with four changes from the last match. In defense, Lucas Martിനnez was replaced by Cristiano Romero, while left-back and right-back were replaced by Tagliafico and Montiel, while Marcos Aquino and Nahval Molina. In addition, Guido Rodriguez came on as a substitute for the injured Paradise.

Schaloni said the team was determined by the flow of the match against Uruguay and the nature of their opponents. In addition, he made it clear that he had completed a series of matches and was under consideration. Scolari added that he considers all the players and that their excellence will benefit the team.

Scoaloni is of the opinion that Joaquin Correa’s replacement of Aguero instead of Lautaro Martinez has benefited the team. He, meanwhile, dismissed comments that the team was bad in the second half. Scolari said the team performed very well and did not aim for the Uruguayan goal in the second half.