Sanya Malhotra on reading Kangana Ranaut’s praise for Pagglait: ‘My hands were shaking’

Sanya Malhotra’s hands were shaking on Wednesday when she came across a tweet from Kangana Ranaut. In what many would call a rare phenomenon, Kangana had praised Sanya for her work in her latest film, Pagglait.

Sanya, Kangana said, was “so good.” For the former, there could never have been a bigger compliment. Since making her debut with Dangal in 2016, Sanya has admitted her admiration for Kangana and her talent.

Speaking to the Hindustan Times about when she read Kangana’s tweet, Sanya said, “She’s my senior in the industry. And not just during Dangal, I used to say this in every interview, I used to say I’m a huge fan. She’s pretty inspiring. And her praise on Twitter was really big news for me and my family. My hands were shaking when I read that tweet. I was like, “Oh my God, is that…?” I couldn’t believe it you know. And it’s really nice of him to tweet something so beautiful. I’m extremely grateful. . “

Kangana wrote: “I am a girl who recognizes her talent, I heard that #PagglaitOnNetflix is ​​doing amazingly well … so happy for you Sanya you deserve everything and much more … lots of love for you . “

Sanya indeed deserves praise for her portrayal of a young widow, largely indifferent to her husband’s disappearance in Pagglait. If grief or the lack of it can be mapped on a spectrum, Sanya, as Sandhya, makes a full journey from side to side. She is doing well.

Sanya says a lot of background work and some Google searches were done on it. “This is the preparation that went on for this character. Because she’s not really aware of what’s going on. During the first 4-5 days of those 13 days, she subconsciously has an idea but can -Being consciously, she’s not ready to face it. And as an actor, Umesh sir really helped me understand her psychology. She had to be layered. I developed a background story for her, a very solid memory bank. So that every time I approach a scene, I have a lot of imaginary scenarios in my head. Why am I not so attached to him? don’t feel that grief that other people feel. Because she too puts a lot of pressure on herself. She knows she’s not behaving normally, “she said.

While the audience never sees the husband’s face or even the reason for his death, Sanya had to put a face to her imagination. “Yesterday I was talking to Chetan (who played Alok, the brother) and told him that I had kept a diary for Sandhya. And only I have the picture of Astik (the husband) because I wanted a face so I imagined in my So I randomly picked a photo of a man from Google. I had always imagined him on his laptop and on his back, at his table. That’s all. He didn’t “There was no connection between those two guys. She never spoke to him, she’s never been in a healthy relationship. When people aren’t in a healthy relationship, they’re also in denial. In her head, she.” thought that maybe five months is not enough and that things will change. It shows in little things like when she tells Akansha (Sayani Gupta) that it is because of you that he never got me talked about. All this we had to solve because it is a very delicate situation. If you meet someone for two days and find out later that they were dead, you will feel bad in. ur them, ”she said.

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Pagglait, however, received a small review from actor-filmmaker Seema Pahwa, whose film, Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi, had a similar tone and theme. Speaking to HT, Seema praised Sanya and everyone else’s performance in the film. However, she still wondered why there wasn’t more sadness and grief in the family over the death of someone so young.

Sanya thought her manager would have a better explanation. “Everyone has their own way of dealing with grief, or any emotion. I just don’t know why we are comparing these two movies and this question. I think sir Umesh would be a better person to answer this question because he is the one who wrote Pagglait. I think the idea was that it is a very heavy emotion to carry for a long time. I don’t know if you experienced it but we all have it in our family afterwards. a while, because you are dealing with other problems.


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