Sanusha Santhosh Opens Up About Kavya Madhavan And The Viral Baby Sanoop | Actress Sanusha reveals her relationship with Kavya Madhavan; The actress is also about the baby in Kavya’s arms

I still remember the photo taken from the event that followed the movie Perumazhakalam. As you know, my mother was born in Kavya Chechi Neeleswaram and my father lived there with his family. I was born and raised in Kannur. But my family still lives in Neeleswaram.

My parents have friends there. Every time we go there we try to get together and spend time. Some people have some problems with those who are developing a career in their own industry. We are proud to say that we have never had such an experience. More than that, I can only remember that she was always the most beautiful girl.

Unni and I are like a sister whenever we see each other. It still remains that way. This is something I always keep and develop in my mind as a person. Always be humble and encourage and support each person who is blessed in your own way.

I believe it is something we all need to continue to learn in life, to find joy in the success of others as much as you can, everyday and in every way possible. To support each other. To show kindness. To help whenever you can, as much as you can. To spread love. To be a better person. Try to create your own unique style, ”says Sanusha.

Sanusha has also given hashtags like Kavya Madhavan Chechi, Neeleswaram Nattukari. The actress also says that the baby in Kavya’s arms is Sanoop. Sanoop is Sanusha’s younger brother and a notable child actor in Malayalam cinema. Like Chechi, Sanoop has already acted in several hit movies.