Santhwanam Serial Actor Achu Sughand Shares Selfie With His Onscreen Sisters

Like the serial, the stars are the favorites of the audience. They are active on social media and get great audience support. Achu Sugandh’s Kannan, a member of the Santhvanam family, is currently going viral on social media. The image has gone viral on social media.

Achu Sugandh shared a picture with Kochettam and Kunjetham. This image was taken from a serial location. The picture shared by Kannan went viral in an instant. The film received rave reviews. Fans commented that the series was not long enough and that the length of the episodes could be increased. Apart from this, she has shared another picture with Sridevi, Hari, Shiva, Anjali and Appu.

The consolation family is now on the move. Honeymoon The honeymoon journey of Aparna, Hari, Shiva and Anjali has finally turned into a family trip. The beautiful view from Munnar also reaches the audience through the series. Sridevi and Kannan arrived unexpectedly during the brothers’ honeymoon. Subsequent events are shown in the current episode. Although the journey to Munnar is to change the feud between Hari and Appu, Shiva and Anjali are going to unite in this journey. Romance has started between them.

Dr. Gopika plays the role of Anjali. Sajin plays the role of Shiva. Gireesh Nambiar as Hari and Raksha Raj as Aparna arrive. The consolation story begins with the lives of Sridevi and her husband Balan. Devi and Balan were sacrificing their lives for their brothers. Sridevi was the mother of the brothers. The story changed when two new girls came to the comforting family. Chippy plays Sridevi and Rajeev Parameswaran plays the boy. The series airs Monday through Saturday at 7 p.m.