Sadhika Venugopal has responded to a person who came with a body shaming comment, Reply Goes Viral | Don’t get too fat, fan that looks aunty; Possible with death mass reply


Sadhika Venugopal had earlier approached the police with a complaint against the person who had been harassing her for months. Sadhika had then lodged a complaint with the Cyber ​​Cell citing problems she was facing on social media. The actress shared a screen shot of the complaint on Facebook, saying it would benefit others.


The post that Sadhika shared back then was like this, girls can not live without looking at what society thinks to say the same thing. If we want peace of mind, it is enough to eradicate such pests in the society … Respond.


The problem is the thinking of the person who says the problem is the clothes you use. They are the inspiration for such pests. Not only physical torture but also mental torture and suicide is a crime- Sadhika wrote on Facebook then. But after this, several cyber attacks were carried out on the star.


But now following a post shared on Instagram, someone came to the scene with a bad comment. Sadhika gave the answer to this. With this, this comment and reply is being discussed on social media. His comment was that he looks like an aunt.


The wood is more, very thin, very short, and very tall. Something bad, we all have a feeling that something is bad. As if we were all not enough. this is life. Our body will change. Our minds will change. The actress shared the words of Emma Stone that our hearts will change. Below this came this bad comment.


But Sadhika’s reply to this was, “Chettan has no loss … Chettan is not paying for my expenses?” If I’m not living then I’m going to be an aunt or a bitch, it’s enough to look at Chettan Chettan’s house – as a possible reply.


Sadhika’s reply has received great support from the fans. The young man, who was commented on by a number of people, was given other replies. Someone commented, ‘Day, a little bit of a person, come to the page and make fun of what they post. Nerve people like you come and scratch.


Another commented, “Setton, if your stomach is full, don’t go down … Is this someone else, Setton? At the same time, there were other good comments for this post of the star.


Meanwhile, Sadhika had revealed about her first marriage a few days back. Sadhika revealed the reasons for ending the marriage. Sadhika said her ex-husband was not bad and she wanted a divorce.