Sabu Jacob clarifies about salary structure | Sabu Jacob said he would approach the court if the labor department did not withdraw the notice against Kitex

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Kochi: If the notice against Kitex is not withdrawn, a petition will be filed in the high court

Kitex Chairman Sabu Jacob

The Labor Department issued the notice alleging that the stay order of the High Court had not been implemented.

He added that the notices were issued to justify the investigation into defamation of the company and management.

In 2010, the Wage Board started implementing recommendations in the garment manufacturing sector in the state. The companies are currently making the Wage Board recommendations under Order No. 132/2010 of the State Labor Department.

According to an A grade tailor

The monthly salary is Rs 9,240, but Kitex offers a salary of Rs 16,250 and four free non-veg meals and accommodation. The notice issued by the Labor Department yesterday alleges that the revised wages for 2019 are not being implemented.

The High Court has stayed it till March 26, 2021. The interim order states that the 2019 recommendation need not be implemented until further notice.

During the month, 11 inspections were carried out by various departments. Following this, the decision to expand the industry in the state was withdrawn. Following the news of this, the place MLA P.V. Sreenijin had revealed.

Sabu asked if the inquiry was based on a complaint received by the High Court and how only the MLA of the place knew about it and why the sub-judge called the MLA.

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