Rs 41 lakh, SUV car, gold; Dowry displayed to show off: Police begin investigation

Lucknow: Police have launched an investigation into a video of a dowry displaying cash and jewelery at a wedding venue. Police are investigating a wedding in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh. The marriage took place between the daughter of a Shamli native, a cloth merchant in Surat, and a young man, a native of Shamli and a clothing merchant in Karnataka.

The video of their wedding was spread on social media last day. The video shows her bragging about her dowry at the wedding and displaying the dowry money and jewelery. Banknotes worth about Rs 41 lakh are displayed in piles. It was accompanied by jewelry and the keys to an SUV. In addition to the video, there were scenes of the bride wearing a lot of jewelry.

Police launched an investigation after the video went viral. The Income Tax Department has also launched an investigation along with the police. Following the controversy, many people took to the stage to protest against the dowry. According to locals, he had bought a dowry of around Rs 1 crore.