Rimi Tomy’s Mother Rani’s Singing And Dancing Video Went Viral



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Rimi Tommy is a star who is loved by children and adults alike, regardless of age. She is an active singer, presenter and actress on the big screen and mini screen. It was during the last lockdown that Rimi got closer to the audience. The actress is becoming more and more popular among the audience through social media. The actor, who started an account on Instagram, was also active on the YouTube channel. Rimi Tommy was the most talked about YouTube channel during the last lockdown.

Rimi initially shared cooking and workout videos. All of this had garnered excellent viewers. It was after this that Rimi started sharing cover songs. It also had a huge fan base. Rimi’s new video is going viral on social media right now. The video was about introducing different doshas with Amma Rani. This is a very interesting video. The cake was made by his mother and sister Reen. In between cooking, Amma Rani sang the song.


Rimi’s counter was also in the video. Rimi Tommy had said that Mommy spends most of her time practicing song and dance during lockdown. Training is online. On Sundays, everyone gathers at home to sing. Rimi said that mummy was learning new songs one by one. The mother Rani replies to her daughter that song and dance are the best way to get maximum happiness and peace of mind during this time of fear.

Rimi’s video went viral on social media right away. The response has been overwhelming.
Amma’s performance was more discussed among the audience than cooking. Rimi Chechi’s mother is as beautiful as Rimi Chechi. It looks like Chechi is her mother. Rani has sung the song in Rimi’s YouTube videos before.

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Rimy Tomy’s Mother Rani’s Singing And Dancing Video Went Viral