Real Madrid – La Liga: Ramos vs Real Madrid: The 100 Day War

Tthe countdown has started and a solution does not seem any closer because Sergio ramos and real Madrid enter the last 100 days of their existing contract.

A relationship that started in 2005 could end on June 30 if there is no deal, and for now it seems less and less likely.

The lack of movement to one side or the other suggests that Florentino PerezThe club’s offer fails to convince the club captain, who was hoping for a longer deal, slashing his salary by 10%, as other teammates have agreed.

Without rejection

There is no rejection of the offer, which suggests that there is still room to negotiate, because Ramos itself confirmed last week.

“There is no news of my renewal, I would like there to be” Ramos mentionned.

Within three months Ramos and Perez encountered, both looked for possible solutions, including the arrival of David Alaba, as MARCA has been covering since December.

In Valdebebas, real MadridCompany executives are confident that the offers reached the defender did not meet his expectations.

Europe’s biggest clubs have agreed to a non-aggression pact between their biggest players and no one has alerted the club to any approach.

The relation between Perez and Ramos is close and fluid, without tension, but both are in search of their own interests.

As MARCA reported a few days ago, Perez’s offer has an expiration date, at which point Real Madrid will make decisions to build their squad for next season.

Identical situation

Such a scenario is unusual for real Madrid, but it is also the case for Lucas Vazquez, who in his case rejected the renewal offer.

The lack of income from the pandemic has had an impact and club directors are anxiously awaiting the return of supporters to the stands to get back to normal.