Rajavempala bites should be treated immediately by a specialist; Otherwise death within 15 minutes | King cobra | snake

Thiruvananthapuram: A venomous cobra bite can cause death within 6 to 15 minutes and can only be cured if it is treated immediately, said a physician at the Snake Poison Treatment Center at Palakkad Palana Hospital. Joby Paul said. Its toxin causes death by damaging the nervous system associated with human respiration. The only way out is to get to a hospital with an incubator ventilator. This is often impractical.

The death of a king cobra was first officially reported in the country a year and a half ago in Karnataka. A snake catcher died that day. This is the first reported death in Kerala. Ventilator treatment may be needed when a conch or a cobra bites a human, damaging the nervous system and causing shortness of breath. However, the cobra is not so toxic that it may take a little longer to treat.

Antivenom for the treatment of cobra venom is not currently produced in India. Previously produced at the Central Research Institute at Kasoli in Himachal Pradesh but discontinued. Because of the huge cost. Cobra bites are rare in the country and are of no use. Antivenom is currently manufactured at the Soyobaba Institute in Thailand. Countries including the US and Germany are importing it. Joby Paul said.

The cobra is generally found in forests and in the vicinity of dams. People who go to the forest or catch snakes are more likely to be bitten. It is now found in some populated areas as well.

Generally calm. It is common to see people evacuating. It only attacks when provoked. It is usually attacked while the eggs are being laid. Joby Paul said.

Mobile app for medical information

The snakepedia mobile app, which includes details on what to do if you are bitten by a snake, is very helpful. It also contains information about nearby hospitals where antidepressants and antivenins are available.

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