Rajavempala bite employee dies at Thiruvananthapuram zoo zoo keeper

Harshad cleaning the snake cage at the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo (file photo)

Thiruvananthapuram: While cleaning the hive after feeding, the cobra bite employee at the Thiruvananthapuram zoo had a miserable end. Harshada (45) died at Kattakada Kuttapoo Amburi Plavila house. The incident happened at 12.30pm on Thursday. He has been an animal keeper at the zoo for 15 years.

He was bitten on the right hand. Harshad immediately came out and closed the hive to prevent the snake from coming out. By then he had fallen unconscious. During the fall, the door of the cage was slammed shut. Harshad died while being taken to the medical college by staff who heard the noise.

Years ago, a zoo rhinoceros killed an employee. This is the tragic event that followed. Harshad, who arrived as a temporary employee, became a permanent employee in 2018. Wife: Sheeja. Son: Abin.

The body is in the Medical College Mortuary. Museum police have registered a case in the incident. A report has been sought from the zoo director and financial assistance will be provided to Harshad’s family. Chinchurani informed.

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