Rahul’s lunch with children; Priyanka on video call; Heart | Rahul Gandhi

Wayanad: The biggest attraction of the UDF campaign this time was the arrival of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. Priyanka has created a lot of excitement in the southern districts. But with Kovid’s observation, Priyanka was no longer able to campaign. It was initially rumored that Priyanka would be in Wayanad with Rahul on Easter today. But despite Kovid’s observation, Priyanka did not miss a word.

Rahul had lunch with the children at Kalpetta Jeevan Jyothi Children’s Home. On this occasion, Priyanka made a video call on Rahul’s phone and interacted with the children. Priyanka asked what to eat. The children enthusiastically introduced the dishes to Priyanka. The video also shows Rahul telling Priyanka that this is my new friend. Rahul shared this video on Instagram.

English Summary: Rahul Gandhi shared video of having lunch with Childrens home children