Rafale deal: investigation starts in france | Rafale deal: Corruption in the Rafale warplane deal; The investigation began in France

New Delhi: Rafale warplane deal (Rafale deal) Launched an investigation into the alleged corruption allegations. The investigation is being conducted by the Financial Crimes Branch of the French Prosecution Service. Investigation into allegations that the airline transacted at a high price (Investigation) Conducting.

An earlier probe into the raffles deal was underway in India. But the Supreme Court also observed that there were no irregularities. The investigation in France will also be crucial for India.

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According to French media reports, the investigation began on June 14 under the leadership of a special judge in France. Former French President (French president) Will investigate allegations related to Franവാois Hollande. Allegations against the president include corruption and nepotism.

The allegations stem from a deal involving the purchase of 37 Rafale fighter jets for Rs 56,000 crore. During the UPA government, the aircraft was priced at Rs 526 crore. But in 2016, the price of the aircraft was raised to Rs 1670 crore.

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The government claims that the increase was due to the transfer of technology. However, the UPA government’s (UPA Government) The Opposition alleges that the transfer of technology was in the contract at the time.

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