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The remaining eight teams in Euro 2020 football. These eight teams are in the quarter finals When the horn is cornered, the best four teaspoons are in it And FIG. Vedia for big attacks in the pre-quarters The next step in the euro is the work of eight. The quarterfinals will start from tomorrow Th. There will be two quarters on Friday and Saturday The stage will start. The matches will be played at 9.30 pm and 12.30 pm Indian time. The semi image will be clear. Picture of the quarter finals on the way to Euro 2020 താണ് …

Switzerland x Spain

The biggest upheaval in Euro history Arrive in the Swiss Quarter And FIG. Definitely the tournament favorite France Tie 3-3 in the middle and then add more After the goal was scored in time The Swiss also conquered the L’Oreal shootout Arrived at Land Quarter.

Switzerland overthrows France They beat Croatia 5-3 in the previous match Spain finished in the last eight. Judgment of the match which was 3-3 in the allotted time The writing was overtime. He scored 14 goals in these two matches Became part of the trilogy. It’s one of the few races in a day It was even more goal-scoring day.

For the same reasons, Switzerland in the quarterfinals Anything can happen when Land and Spain collide That is the situation. In the history of the Euros, the two faces are directly opposite It’s the first time. Switzerland and Spain at the 1966, 1994 and 2010 World Cups Is attached. Spain won the first two matches. However, Switzerland won the 2010 World Cup Rich. Switzerland’s only victory over Spain Credit.

Switzerland x Spain Winners Belgium x e The quarterfinals will be played in the semi-finals ക.

Belgium x Italy

The top two teams in the European Cup are likely to win Are Belgium and Italy. There will be a team in these after the quarter The fact of the matter is. The current champion, King of Portugal, is exactly the magic Bay defeated Yimplanim Go 1-0 in the pre – quarterfinals Arrived at the gym quarters. Belgium tops FIFA rankings I am not satisfied with anything less this time. Hazard brothers Raja Thorgan and Aden Ma Critical Presences of Belgium. They will be joined by Luke, who scored three goals. Aidan and Kevin de Bruyne Parikat in the pre-quarter Was out.

In the group stage, Riya scored without conceding a single goal Lee, however, was poisoned by Austria in the pre-quarter. Italy did not score in the allotted time. In the end, 2- on the strength of two goals in extra time. He beat Austria 1 in the pre-quarter Th. C. R. E. Moble, Manuel Lo Cottelli, Mato Pesinna a They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Three previous encounters at the European Championships Belgium still wanted to beat Italy when Kham landed Unable to.

Czech Republic x Denmark

The sponsors’ favorite team was Lonya Holland The Lord of the Quarters is the last in the Czech Republic Powered by Blogger. Holland 10 p.m., with a red light card Roy shrugged. Since then, the Czech Republic has scored two goals Quarterly entrance. German Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen Patrick Sheikh, who plays the dog, is the face of the Czech Republic P. Cheat. Four goals were scored by Nottingham Sheikh. The first round was won by a midfielder It’s one of the best goals in the world Th. This is the first time since 2012 that the Czech team has entered the quarterfinals Th. The title was coined in 1976 by Czechoslovakia There is no doubt about it.

Superstar Christian Eriksson in the first match May the strength of Denmark weaken as I fall The price has gone up. However, the Danish team that came out of the ashes Seen later. Three in a row in two consecutive matches Denmark also scored a number of goals. This margin continues in the history of Denmark Yum is the first ma. Denmark beat Wales 4-0 in the pre-quarterfinals Entered the Quarter. This is the first time since 2004 that Denmark has won the quarterfinals T he. The Danish team also has a history of winning the title in 1992.

This is the third time in the euro that the two teams have met Kneeling. When they clashed in the 2000 group stage and in the quarterfinals in 2004 Victory for the Czech Republic. Czech x Denma are the winners of the Ukraine x England quarterfinals. Lead the winners in the semifinals.

Ukraine x Im Gland

Last match in the pre-quarterfinals Ukraine quartered by Sweden ‘s Vennikodi Arrived at Ri. Ukraine and Sweden drew 1-1 in regulation time It was. The match then went on for overtime. Dow b., In the last inch of overtime Key (120 + 1 ‘) Golden Goal in the Ukraine Quarterly Before Rs. Ukraine is the first European champion in history Entered the ship’s quarters. Ukraine has been playing in the Euro Cup since 1996, 2012 and 2016 The group stage does not extend beyond. Former superstar Andrei Shevchenko will coach Ukraine Con.

Above all, the team has the potential to win the Euro 2020 title One is England. Travel to France, Holland and Portugal Possibility of England ending the quarter Increased. If the Czech Republic conquers the Czech Republic Rutgers are England’s opponents in the semi – finals . They beat Germany 2-0 in the pre – quarter Quarterly entry into England. Raheem Sterling scored again in England’s victory And Captain Harry Kane scoring his first Euro goal at Wembley Seen in the competition held in. He is also the first Indian to win the European Championship What a mess.