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Cold Case is a movie directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran which is getting ready for release after a while. Directed by newcomer Tarun Balak, the film is coming through Amazon Prime. The heroine is Aditi Balan, who is notable through the stream. The film also stars other notable Malayalam actors. Produced by Jomon T John, Shamir Mohammad and Anto Jose. Prithviraj shares the highlights of the cold case in an interview given by Filmibeat in Malayalam.

Prithviraj was accompanied by Tanu Balak and Aditi Balan. Apart from the cold case, Prithviraj also opened up about Bro Daddy saying that it starts with ‘Empuran’. Prithviraj says that he is not looking for police roles, but when a script comes to me, he will do it if he likes. I never thought I would play a cop for eight years. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Jomon tells the story of the cold case. After hearing the script, I first asked Jomon if I could produce it.

But the production is by Jomon, Shamir and Anto Joseph. Cold Case is not a movie that gives more importance to a character than to a plot. Prithviraj said that his favorite police character so far is Anthony Moses of the Mumbai Police.


What the actor said about Bro Daddy is a typical movie. The film has a huge cast along with Mohanlal. Asked about the timing of the film’s release, Prithviraj said, “Films are ultimately meant to be released in theaters. It’s an art form where a lot of people who do not know each other are together.

That’s how it is designed. Probably the first person in Malayalam cinema to make this comment. I’ve said it a long time ago. Movies that are released on a direct digital platform without being released in theaters will happen soon. That’s something that has to happen anyway. It happened so quickly that it was Kovid time. To be honest, I would be lying if I was told that there was poison in not being released in theaters.

Because in the current situation, the release on Amazon will help the film get some reach. Because when it is released on Amazon it can be seen in 240 countries. In fact, Amazon Prime is the largest platform available for this movie.

The series is being written. To my knowledge. Hindi series have reached me. From many platforms. Could not do with the time limit. Many of them are really good series. Many super hit series have come to me now. Other actors like me may have been sought after. The time is not far away when actors will play the lead roles in the series.

Enjoy acting and directing. I don’t feel like I’m doing a terrific job. , Sci-fi and thriller lovers. If you want to start working on that movie, things have to be the same as before. Because there are trips and things. It should be as comfortable as ever. But only then did I have to start work. It does not make sense to say that next year will begin in the present circumstances, except that we can all make predictions about what it will be like naturally. Let’s hope so. Now everyone is hoping that the vaccination will be done properly and by the end of this year, most of us in India will be vaccinated. If so I will be shooting Empuran next year.

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prithviraj sukumaran talks about empuraan and his upcoming release cold case

Story first published: Tuesday, June 22, 2021, 22:28 [IST]