prithviraj sukumaran talks about empuraan and his upcoming release cold case | Will there be no emporium? What kind of movie Bro Daddy, Prithviraj Sukumaran with an open mind

‘I didn’t think I had played a cop for eight years. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. The photographer is Jomon T John
Tells me the story of the cold case. After hearing the script, I asked Jomon if I could produce it.
But Jomon, Shamir and Anto Joseph are the producers. Cold Case is not a film that gives more importance to a character than to a plot ‘, says Prithviraj.

“My favorite police character so far is Anthony Moses of the Mumbai Police,” Prithviraj said. ‘Bro Daddy is a normal movie,’ the actor said. ‘There is a huge star cast in the film along with Mohanlal’. Prithviraj says, “When it comes to the question of the timing of the film’s release, films are ultimately made to be released in theaters.” ‘I still believe that cinema should be released in theaters and that cinema is an art form that should be subject to community viewing. It’s an art form where a lot of people who do not know each other are together. That’s how it is designed. ‘

‘Perhaps I was the first to comment on ODD in Malayalam cinema. I have said long ago that movies that are released on a direct digital platform without being released in theaters will happen soon. That’s something that has to happen anyway. It happened suddenly during Kovid ‘, said Prithviraj.

‘If I were to say that I regret not releasing Cold Case in theaters, it would be a lie. Because in the current situation, the release on Amazon will help the film get some reach. Because when it is released on Amazon it can be seen in 240 countries. In fact, Amazon Prime is the biggest platform available for this movie.

“The series itself has been sought after from many platforms,” ​​he said. ‘Couldn’t do it by the time limit. Many of them are really good series. Many super hit series have come to me now. Other actors like me may have been sought after. The time is not far away when all the famous actors will play the lead roles in such series.

‘Enjoy acting and directing. I don’t feel terribly employed. ‘ To the question ‘start with empuran’, Prithviraj says, ‘If you want to start working, everything has to be the same.’ ‘Because there are trips and things for the film. There should be a facility like the old one. But only then did I get to start Empuran’s work. In the current situation, it does not make sense to say what month next year will start. Let’s hope so. Now everyone is hoping that the vaccination will be done properly and by the end of this year, most of us in India will have been vaccinated. In that case, I will shoot Empuran next year ‘, said Prithviraj.