Prithviraj enjoyed the story of ‘Bro Daddy’ a lot and Sreejith Oldmonks says he can direct

The news about ‘Bro Daddy’ directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran and starring Mohanlal before Empuran has created a lot of excitement among the fans. Prithviraj will also be seen in the lead role in the film. The film stars Kalyani Priyadarshan, Meena, Lalu Alex, Murali Gopi, Kaniha and Saubin Shahir.

The film is scripted by N. Sreejith and Bibin Maliyekkal of Old Monks Design, which is notable for its advertising art. Actors usually have a space to say no when they hear the story. But Sreejith, one of the screenwriters, said that Prithviraj wanted to direct because he liked Bro Daddy’s story. N. Told The Q. The idea of ​​making a film that would entertain the audience came up in the movie discussions at Oldmonks. Sreejith said that is how the story of Bro Daddy came about.