Prince William named sexiest bald man in the world, Stanley Tucci fans think poll is rigged

One of the main contenders for the British throne, Prince William, has been declared the sexiest bald man. The 38-year-old Duke of Cambridge has been called “sexy” 17.6 million times in blogs, reports and pages found through Google search, according to a report from The Sun. With this, the British royal beat Mike Tyson, Jason Statham, Pitbull and Michael Jordan. Apart from these, Vladimir Putin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Floyd Mayweather and John Travolta also found mention in the study. “There are quite a few bald public figures that we can feast on,” a spokesperson for Longevita said.

But Prince William, who was recently criticized after Meghan Markel’s explosive interview, hasn’t found many social media supporters for his new title. Stanley Tucci fans, on the other hand, weren’t too happy with the outcome, and his name even started trending on Twitter. “What did Stanley Tucci do to deserve this disrespect,” one user tweeted as another added, “This is a brutal erasure of Stanley Tucci,” one user wrote.

Other social media users found the ranking comical and poked fun at the list in other ways.

Previously, William had been criticized on social media after saying the royal family was not racist. He made the comment after Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle said how the color of her unborn child’s skin was of ‘concern’ in the palace. “We are really not a racist family,” William told reporters during a visit to a multiracial school in an underprivileged area of ​​east London. Relations between the two brothers have been strained lately, especially after the explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey. Harry had spoken to his older brother William for days after the interview but the discussions were “not productive,” a friend of the couple had revealed.

In a later engagement, Prince William said he had yet to speak to his brother, but intended to do so, telling reporters: ‘We really are not family. racist.”