Prem Singh Patel | People are aging and have to die, no one can stop: parliamentary minister’s shock over rising Covid-19 death toll

Minister of Madhya Pradesh Prem Singh Patel

Minister of Madhya Pradesh Prem Singh Patel

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Minister Prem Singh Patel has come to the news for his shocking remarks on the rise in coronavirus deaths in his state.

While advising people to take all necessary precautions, including wearing masks, hand washing, social distancing and medical treatment, when asked to comment on the spike in deaths of Covid-19, he said as people get older they die.

“No one can stop these deaths. Everyone is talking about cooperation for corona protection… You said a lot of people are dying every day. People are getting older and they have to die,” Patel said.

Two days ago, a Madhya Pradesh BJP leader from Shahdol District also openly violated coronavirus guidelines to celebrate his birthday with great fanfare and spectacle. BJP Shahdol District Chairman Kamal Pratap celebrated his birthday at a time when a lockdown is being imposed in the district.

Meanwhile, a coronavirus-positive man died at a district hospital in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, after a boy from the ward allegedly withdrew his oxygen supply on Wednesday.

“My father had a respiratory problem. His condition was not good and he received an oxygen supply. But last night the hospital staff cut off their oxygen supply. When I got here, I asked the staff, including a nurse, to give him oxygen, but they denied and that is why he lost his life, ”said Deepak Tiwari, the son of the deceased.

Congressmen staged a silent sit-in at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Bhopal with empty oxygen cylinders to protest the alleged poor state of health services in the state.

Madhya Pradesh reported 8,998 new cases of COVID-19 in a single day, according to information from the health department on Tuesday. No less than 46,526 tests have been performed in the past 24 hours.