Pregnancy Rumor And Baby Bump, Chinmayi Sripada Opens Up The Truth, Slams Online Youtube Channels | The sari is a bit loose and she is not pregnant at all! Singer Chinmayi says she can’t stand YouTube



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The news that the actresses are pregnant is spreading all the time. Now the news that singer Chinmayi is pregnant is spreading through YouTube channels. Fans have come up with this suspicion after seeing some photos of Chinmayi in the last few days. Eventually, the singer responded to the news.

Photos of Chinmayi’s husband and actor Rahul Raveendran’s brother’s wedding have surfaced on social media pages. Chinmayi arrived at the function wearing a sari. But the suspicion that she was pregnant came up when she saw the belly swollen in the pictures. But the actress says it happened with the sari’s specifics.


Chinmayi captioned the pictures saying that she wore a very beautiful Madisar sari at the function and that you should all look the same. When she wears such a sari, she feels a little belly but she is not pregnant. Suffering from YouTube channels that spread fake messages. They do this to increase the audience.

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The wire seems to be sticking out as the pictures were taken from the side as well. The sari was a little loose as I ran a lot during the ceremony. That’s why I was misunderstood when I saw the photos. He does not want to share everything about his personal life. I do not think it is necessary.

It doesn’t even say anything about family celebrations. That’s what I like. It will always be so. Why his wedding video has not even been shared on social media yet. She may or may not publicly inform you when she is pregnant. Even if they have children now, their photo will not be released. Chinmayi says that is his decision.

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Pregnancy Rumor And Baby Bump, Chinmayi Sripada Opens Up The Truth, Slams Online Youtube Channels

Story first published: Saturday, July 3, 2021, 20:09 [IST]