Pravasi Malayalee Association protests | pra vā si malayāḷi asēāsiyēṣan pra ti ṣē dhi ccu

Doha: Corona virus spreads in Kerala due to social outbreak Statement by the IMA State President on the type of Cs World Expatriate Malayalam Association says it is illegal വിച്ചു. Resistance to corona is very strong in foreign countries.

It is with this in mind that he made the following statements And FIG. An immigrant in Kerala is insured only to be checked for other causes. I do not know. Immigrant only if the PCR test result is negative. This statement, which was made to make it possible for people to travel by air, is not uncommon. It’s fun.

The state lags far behind in code defense measures. If there is a social expansion, the government will be fully responsible for it. The same is true of the general public who do not follow the procedure. During the last election period, all the penalties were imposed. The campaigns were carried out by. Still, the responsibility for the social expansion of the COVD rests with the expatriates. Do not try to wash your hands by tying them only.

Expatriates who say immigrants are not NATOs Ticket increase, this tax exorbitant price on special days Sir, in matters such as quarantine at the hotel, compulsory hotel. Cars are squeezing immigrants. The association said such measures should not be taken lightly Asked.