Pope: Jesus repeats to us who I am to you

You tell me who I am. “

C. Rubini CTC, Vatican News

Who am I to you?

Jesus repeats to us today the crucial question of who I am. On the feast day of St. Peter and Paul, the Pope called on the faithful to give an answer from our hearts to Jesus, who asks who I am, to those of you who have accepted the faith and are still afraid to travel in my word, and who have lost your first love for you, who have long since become a Christian. But before putting this question to the disciples, Jesus asked them what the people were saying about him. The Holy Father’s assumption must have been to underline a fundamental difference in the Christian life.

Be imitators, not worshipers of Jesus

Some will end only with the answers to the first question and the talk about Jesus. But others will talk to Jesus, bring their lives into him and take a step to connect with him. This is what the Lord wants: to be an indicator of our thoughts and desires. To be the love of our lives, Papa explained

St. Peter and Paul were not worshipers of Jesus but imitators and witnesses of Jesus. Both of them spent their lives for the Lord and their brothers through deeds rather than words. Pope Benedict XVI said the challenge these lives pose to us is to get into action rather than words. The pope lamented that faithfulness to the gospel and approach to the people, often spoken of as a more prophetic and apostolic church, do practically nothing. Many will speak and debate, but only a few will be able to witness it. He said that God should not be proclaimed but should be shown by the testimony of life. Reminds us of Peter and Paul, the Pope said.

Witness with weaknesses

The Holy Father pointed out that Peter was denying the Lord and that Paul was persecuting Christians, but that they were not role models – but they were also witnesses to their weaknesses. The pope said that putting the lives of evangelicals and saints naked before us reveals the truth that the Lord can do great things through us when we are transparent to the Lord and to others without trying to protect our image.

The pope said that the Lord is asking us to take off our masks through the testimony of these saints, asking us today the same question you asked the disciples who I am. In the same way, our half-minds ask us to give up the free will that makes us indifferent and mediocre. The pope summed up the message by praying that the Holy Virgin, the Queen of the Apostles, would help us and inspire in us the desire to be witnesses for Jesus.