Police do not salute, orders must be issued; Thrissur mayor files complaint to DGP

Thrissur: Thrissur mayor MK Varghese with a complaint that the police are not saluting. In a complaint to the DGP, MK Varghese said that the police did not salute him when he was traveling in an official car and ordered him to salute.

According to the protocol, the corporation mayor is third only to the governor and the chief minister. The mayor said police turned their backs on him despite repeatedly saying the subject did not salute.

It is a situation where the police are on the lookout when they see the mayor. No one should respect MK Varghese. But he said it was enough to respect the position of mayor.

A complaint has been lodged with the DGP but no reply has been received. The Commissioner and the place MLA were informed of the matter. But so far no action has been taken, he said.

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