PM loses confidence vote; Sweden enters crisis | Sweden’s prime minister loses confidence vote

Stockholm: Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lഫfven has lost a no – confidence vote in parliament since 2014. With the resignation of the Prime Minister, the country will be in crisis again. According to the Swedish constitution, the prime minister has one week to announce new elections or appoint a new speaker. L ലോfven is the first political leader in Sweden to lose a confidence vote. In 2018 too, the country was plunged into a political crisis.

The crisis was caused by the fact that no party was able to get an absolute majority in the elections. After four months of negotiations, Stephen Green, also a Social Democrat leader, formed a minority government with the support of the party. The no-confidence motion against Stefan was brought by the Sweden Democrats, a nationalist party that has lost faith in the government. The provocation was the removal of rent to be paid for newly constructed buildings. He lost the confidence vote after the Left withdrew its support for the government. The resolution was passed by 181 votes to 109.