Plea in SC requests Covid vaccination for 18 years and over

NEW DELHI: A plea has been filed with the Supreme Court seeking instructions to provide the Covid-19 vaccine to people aged 18 and over, citing an exponential increase in Covid cases in the country.

The petition, filed by lawyer Rashmi Singh through lawyer MR Shamshad, states that if more young people and workers are vaccinated, the number of cases will be much lower compared to the current situation and the spread of viral infection. would be contained to a large extent.

“It is argued that people with comorbidities, regardless of the age group to which they belong, form a sensitive section of the population and should be vaccinated promptly,” he said.

The petitioner argued that depriving people with co-morbidities of getting vaccinated amounts to a violation of their right to life guaranteed by article 21 of the Constitution. “In this regard, it is further argued that people who are undergoing medical treatment such as chemotherapy or dialysis and who have to attend hospitals are also extremely vulnerable and at high risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus,” said the plea, quoting the Indian. Letter from the Medical Association to the Prime Minister suggesting that Covid-19 vaccination should be allowed for all people over 18.

“It is also respectfully submitted that marginalized sections of the population, including daily wagers, workers and people living below the poverty line, also constitute a large part of the population belonging to the 18-year-old age bracket. and more ”, supports the advocacy.

The plea added that it took 6 to 8 weeks for the administration of the two doses of the vaccine and that by the time the vaccine reached the age group of 18 and over, Covid-19 would have spread rapidly and could give occurs in a situation where another lockout may need to be imposed.