PJ Army from now on Red Army | siraj daily

Kannur | The PJ Army, a CPM coalition on social media, including Facebook, is now known as the Red Army. P Jayarajan’s picture was removed from the profile picture and the sickle hammer was posted. The name change comes on the heels of the CPM’s move to end all factions that defend the party on social media and shift it to a way that benefits the party.

The PJ Army Facebook page was created in May 2019 in the name of P Jayarajan, the most popular face of the CPM in Kannur. The page was created by Jayarajan’s fans under the name Vote for PJ. P Jayarajan himself came on the scene denying such an alliance.

The party investigation itself had found that P Jayarajan had no role in the activities of the PJ Army. The PJ Army changed its name after the party ended its probe.