Picasso found the picture that was stolen years ago

Athens: Women’s head discovers a rare painting by legendary painter Pablo Picasso. The image was found stolen years ago. The image was stolen from the National Gallery in Athens nine years ago. Three paintings, including a picture of Picasso, were stolen from the gallery that day.

The painting Wind Mill by Dutch painter Pete Mondrine was also stolen. This was also found with a picture of Picasso. The third picture was later found by police as abandoned by thieves on the road. The theft took place in 2012. These images were stolen separately from their frames.

Police did not say where the images came from or who was in possession of the images. Police did not respond to a request for comment. Sources close to the police said that more details about the incident would be announced soon.

Picasso himself donated the paintings to the museum in 1949. The picture, painted ten years ago, also features Picasso’s signature. Picasso said at the time that he was presenting the film as a mark of respect for the Greek people’s resistance to the Nazis.

The thieves stole the paintings from the museum, which was heavily guarded, in just seven minutes. The incident was global news at the time. Large inquiries were also announced. A Greek man was also arrested. But the pictures could not be found. Meanwhile, Greek police said they believed the images were in their own country.