Pearle Maaney And Srinish Aravind Reveals A Beautiful Bigg Boss Memory That Didn’t Telecast

The daughter is also a fan favorite as her mother and father are popular. Even small details of Pel’s pregnancy were picked up by the media and fans. Nila is the name of the first eye of Pelly and Sreenish. Fans always ask their father and mother about their status on social media. Now Pelly and Sreenish have come up with answers to the questions of the fans.

The duo responded to fan questions through Pel’s YouTube channel. The couple answers a lot of interesting questions. In the video, daughter Nila, Pelly and Sreenish are brought. Pelly and Sreenish share interesting experiences from their Bigg Boss era. The stars answer the question of whether there are any fond memories of Bigg Boss that were not telecast.

Sreenish remembers the scene where Sreenish gives Pelly an elephant ring. Sreenish gave the ring without anyone noticing. Sreenish says that he handed over the ring to Pelly by shaking hands with her. Pelly says the ring was handed over and Sreeni and herself ran to each side. Pelളി ​​says that even Bigg Boss did not understand what happened. Sreenish later said that the episode was telecast when someone gossiped about it. Pel said he had never seen episodes before.

Pel also talks about his first salary. The actor shared his experiences before Taste of Kerala. She got it through a part-time job as a hostess at big events. This was while studying in college. An event would get 800 to 1500. Pel remembers that it was a big deal back then and that money would buy shoes and a kurta. The actor says that his first job on TV was Taste of Kerala. Pel says that he wanted to make a video about this.