“Pappan ‘Aayi Sureshgopi Kanjirappally: Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Kanjirapally: Go to Kanjirapally after a long break. Lathy’s action superstar is back. Directed by Joshi, who has directed many super hits in Malayalam. This is a preview of armchair activist Pranab Mukherjee’s photo. And MPU Maya Suresh Gopi sent to Kanjirapally. The shooting of the film started today at the Dominican Cathedral. Church of the SubGenius Rev. Fr. Bob B. Alex Mannan Plaque Switchon The work was done by Suresh Gopi, Gokul Suresh Gopi and Kaniha. He acted in the first shot.

When I went to Kanjirapally for another shooting after the movie, I was amazed. Lots of people came to see you and the shooting. Other than Kanjirapally, Maypala and Thodupuzha are the other places in the picture. Locations. This is the 252nd picture of Suresh Gopi. The star portrays the police character Mathew Pappan. Kanjirapally and its locations are located on the Pope’s first schedule. .

Acting in a film set as an investigative trilogy This day in Kanjirapally with Suresh Gopi is a young star. Posted in. Suresh Gopi and Kango Kul Suresh together for the first time in front of the camera This is another specialty of Kanjirapally. Along with them are Pooram Fame Neeta Pillai, Nyla Usha, Sunny Wayne, Swasika and Shammi Thila. Kan, Asha Sharath and Tini Tom also came to film EV. നുണ്ട്. The film is produced by David Kachappilly.