Panchayat president sacked; Congress action in Vembayam

Disciplinary action against Vembayam panchayat president and vice president. Both were expelled from Congress for not resigning as per party instructions. The resignation was prompted by the SDPI’s support in the presidential election. The local leadership had rejected the Congress’ suggestion that the SDPA-backed Vembayam Grama Panchayath should be abandoned. The president and the block committee explained that they had gained power through a lottery and that they did not know who had voted for them before. It was after 25 years that the UDF came to power in Vembayam.

In the 21-member panchayat, the LDF had eight members and the UDF seven. With the SDPI member supporting the UDF in the polls, both the fronts became equal. In the ensuing draw, the UDF came to power. In many places, the SDPI-backed regime has been criticized by the UDF for continuing to abandon the LDF. With this, the DCC asked the president of Vembayam to resign. But Beena Jayanta’s response was that she did not know this. The Congress Bloc Committee was also unwilling to accept the DCC’s demand.

The Congress district leadership reiterated that it would have been enough to resign if it had the support of the SDPA. He warned that disciplinary action would be taken if the decision was not accepted.