Padatha Painkili Fame Sooraj Sun’s Latest Black and White Photo Caption Went Viral On Social Media

With the departure of Suraj, there has been a huge gap in the ratings of Pingali who did not sing. The series, which was ranked first, was going downhill. Sooraj is retiring from the serial due to health issues. The actor revealed his reason for withdrawing from the serial after being constantly questioned by the audience. Sooraj had said that the change was due to a health problem and if anything else the serial would not have left.

Despite the arrival of the new Deva, there is a growing demand for Sooraj to be brought back. Cyber ​​attacks are also on the rise against Lucky over this. But there are also supporters of Lucky. A section of the audience says that Lucky is super like Sooraj. However, he did not get the support of the audience like Sooraj. Lucky the number of haters is declining. The actor has arrived as Deva with high hopes.

Sooraj is active on social media though the actor has changed from the serial. Sooraj was active on social media even before he reached the untouched pinky. It has its own YouTube channel. It was while shining on social media that the actor reached out to the unsung pinkie. The actor was also active on the YouTube channel along with the serial. The actor’s Instagram post is currently going viral on social media. The comment shared with the actor’s picture is being discussed among the audience.

“That ship sank .. but there is a problem .. that sinking was the sinking ship” … the actor wrote while sharing the black and white picture. Sooraj’s post went viral by the minute. Awesome intelligence and then where did the ship go … I realized that it sank, let it sink, we can buy another one. And fans are repeatedly saying come back to the unsung pink.