Overnight spying is unacceptable: Akash Thillankeri against DYFI

Kannur: Akash Thillankeri, the accused in the murder case of Shuhaib, has issued a warning against the DYFI leadership who denied the allegations in the gold smuggling case. Akash Thillankeri wrote on Facebook that he could not accept the trend of spying overnight and that he would have to respond publicly if he was not willing to correct the lies despite the attention given to the propaganda.

The DYFI district secretary had publicly denied the allegations of gold smuggling against Arjun Ayanki and Aakash Thillankeri yesterday. The CPM district leadership had also dismissed them as quotation groups. This is what provoked Akash Thillankeri. The threatening note was in response to a comment by Sawad at the bottom of Aakash Thillankeri’s latest Facebook post.

The accusers are not to be mistaken, and anyone responsible will react like this when they post that those responsible were quoting Babu Vettan’s killers through a Facebook post. This is a kind of emotional arousal. When you become the DYFI District Secretary, you will assume that what you say is authentic. Whoever betrayed the martyrs must reveal their names. If he is guilty, he can come and stand on the street. You can throw me out. Akash Thillankeri also said that it is not acceptable to stay in the shadow of suspicion.

Aakash Thillankeri says that he will have to respond publicly if such advertisements are not ready to be edited despite the attention. The party expelled Shuhaib as soon as he was charged in the murder case. That is something he and you and everyone are convinced of. The party has no obligation to do anything since then. That is a fact. Thillankeri said that the tendency to spy overnight cannot be accepted as a person who loves the party.