Outriders Introduces Fully Improved New Pyromancer Class Gameplay

Outriders is one of the hottest games to arrive this year. The game, developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix, is a 1-3 player co-op third-person shooter with an added twist of RPG functionality. The game is slated for release in a week, but the developers are already convinced to show the final versions of their various character classes. They recently featured one of the game’s four classes, along with a preview of the fully upgraded version of it.

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The four classes of Outriders

Players start the game with a custom character and they have the option of choosing one of the four classes in the game. Each class has different sets of skills and abilities that players can use depending on their playstyle. Each class has 8 skills that can be unlocked with experience and level up. Players can create six custom characters so they can try out each class. The four classes are Devastator, Technomancer, Trickster, and Pyromancer.

Source: Outriders

The Devastator and the Trickster are the close range classes in the game. While the Devastator has Tank skills, the Trickster is quick and can handle hit and run situations. Technomancer is the long-range class of the game, which has support and healing skills. Players can upgrade and unlock certain skills by following certain leveling paths in the skill tree. By following a certain path, players may miss various upgrades and therefore have to choose the right path according to their playstyle.

The construction of the pyromancer fire witch

The Pyromancer is the middle class range of the game that can use fire. Players can burn enemies, and they can also self-heal themselves by dealing damage to enemies. The class has 3 explosive skills, 3 ignite skills, and 2 immobilize skills. The 4 explosive skills include Heat Bomb, Overheat, and Erupt. While Ignite skills include Heatwave, Volcanic Rounds, and FASER Beam, Immobilize skills include Feed The Flames and Ash Blast.

The fire witch is the pyromancer’s most dangerous construction. By following the Tempest Path branch of the Pyromancer skill tree, players can focus on skills such as Overheat, FASER Beam, and Eruption. This Storm branch relies heavily on increasing the power of anomalies and reducing cooldowns. When trying various combinations, this class can sometimes deal significant damage with Explosive skills and also at close range with Ignite skills, making it one of the most powerful builds in the game.

Players can try out the demo and learn about some skills of the Pyromancer. The game releases April 1, 2021 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.

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