Our mantra for 2021 is “dawai bhi aur kadaai bhi”: PM Modi | India News

NEW DELHI: PM Narendra Modi Thursday said the new year 2021 “would come with the hope of a cure” as preparations are in full swing to ensure India-made vaccine against Covid-19 reaches all eligible categories across the country.
All the necessary preparations are underway to run the world’s largest immunization program, Modi said as he urged him people not to let your guard down against coronavirus infection and to strictly adhere to the appropriate standards for Covid even after vaccination.
“Earlier, I said, ‘Dawai nahi toh dheelai nahi’. Now I say “Dawai bhi aur kadaai (attention) bhi”. Our mantra for the year 2021 is ‘Dawai bhi aur kadaai bhi’, ” PM Modi said after laying the first stone of All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Rajkot, Ahmedabad.
He also warned people against any rumors about the vaccination.
“Different people for their personal interests or because of irresponsible behavior have spread various rumors. Maybe rumors will spread when the vaccination starts, some have already started, ”he said, asking people to be careful of these rumors and as responsible citizens to refrain from transmitting messages about social networks without verification.
Describing 2021 as the “ year of health solutions, ” Modi said India has become the hotspot for global health and is effectively battling the coronavirus pandemic with milestones of time.
He said India was in a much better position thanks to effective measures and India’s record of rescuing victims of Crowned has been much better than other countries.
“I’m sure the locals would do similar efforts for mass vaccination as they had set up to contain the spread of the virus.
About a crore people have recovered from Covid-19 and the number of daily fresh cases in India is declining. 2021 comes with new hope for treatment, ”added Modi.
“If 2020 was the year of health challenges, 2021 will be the year of health solutions. We see how diseases are globalizing. The world will be more health conscious and alert and more about the search for solutions. This is the time when the whole world must come together to develop answers. Working in silos is not going to help, ”he says.
India, he said, will play a key role in these efforts with its knowledgeable healthcare professionals, experience and expertise in mass immunization, and providing the world with technology-integrated health solutions through to its startups and its ecosystem of startups that have made healthcare better and accessible.
The Prime Minister also praised the efforts of doctors, health workers and other frontline corona warriors who have consistently put their lives on the line to fight the pandemic. He praised the efforts of scientists and all those who provided food to the poor during this difficult time with total dedication.
The Prime Minister noted that this year has shown that when India unites, it can effectively face the most difficult crisis.