Only days after appointment; Twitter’s interim grievance redressal officer resigns

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Legal protection was lost

New Delhi: Twitter has recently appointed an interim grievance redressal officer in India under the new IT Act. Dharmendra Chatur has been appointed as the Interim Resident Grievance Officer of Twitter India. Twitter has not officially commented on this.

The resignation comes at a time when the central government and Twitter are at loggerheads over new IT rules. The Center has strongly criticized Twitter for failing to comply with the country’s new IT rules.

The new IT law, which came into force in the country on May 25, requires social media platforms to have a mechanism for resolving complaints received from customers or otherwise. It was also suggested that all major social companies with a user base of over 50 lakh should appoint a grievance redressal officer to share the names and contact details of the officers to deal with such complaints.

Accordingly, the companies were compelled to appoint a Chief Compliance Officer, a Nodal Contact Officer and a Resident Grievance Officer. The new law stipulates that such officials must be residents of India.

Twitter said it intends to comply with the new rules in response to a final notice issued by the government on June 5. As part of this, Dharmendra Chatur was appointed as the Interim Resident Grievance Officer in India. But Twitter provided his US address.

Then the center’s new IT. Twitter has lost its legal protection in India for not complying with the rules. The current situation is that if anyone posts illegal content, Twitter can be prosecuted under the Indian Penal Code. In Uttar Pradesh, cases have already been registered against Twitter.