One Phone Call All Services Ready-Quotation Team High for Compromise and Assistance | gold smuggling case

People and meaning are ready for anything. This is the backbone of these quotation groups. Advance guarantee of shelter, money and legal aid. Opponents will be silenced when the muscles of political inclination shake.

“Even though he is a terrifying criminal, his parents will run away with a thorn in his side. If the parents are not able to reach them directly, the delegates will reach them through a phone call ” – this is the reply given by the top official of the jail service to the inquiry about the party-quotation relationship in Kannur district.

BPL pays Rs. One requirement was a ration card. The local people’s representative goes directly to the jail along with the proposed forum and collects the signature of the accused. Card ready in months in the name of the lady of the house. Everything from filling out the form was done by the party itself. Over the past four years, a number of such ‘services’ have been made available to quotation members and their relatives.

Party lawyer for prosecution and mediation

Quotations should not be known from legal advice to case proceedings. Whether it is the District Court or the courts above it. The party lawyers are ready to coordinate everything. Since the law allows a lawyer to take over anyone’s position, there is no legal problem for lawyers to appear in public on behalf of citations. But TP said the party had nothing to do with the Quotations team. The party’s lawyer-quotation group relationship is a clear indication of the recurrence of Chandrasekharan’s murder and the gold smuggling case.

Greedy parole

The party leadership intervened and granted parole to the accused in the case, further strengthening the allegations of gold smuggling and party links. Kodi Suni’s accomplices, including Shafi and Sijith, have been on parole for months over the benefits of the Kovid expansion, including those serving life sentences. This includes all those from Kannur and Viyyur Central Jails.

The convicts in Kozhikode district jail are also out. Only Kodi Suni and Kaka Ranjith, who are masterminds the gold smuggling operation, are in jail. There are two reasons for this. One- Planners will not be involved in the case if it is planned from the inside out and implemented by outsiders. Two- You can get out of trouble without getting quick retaliation from the infamous gold smuggling gangs including Kasargode.

Superior to compromise and assistance

When the police checked Kodi Suni’s four-month phone call from jail in connection with the case of stealing gold from Kozhikode in 2017, a party leader from Kannur district was among those who called several times. Although Kodi Suni had questioned a number of people who had called him on the phone at the time, the police could not reach that height only because of ‘limitations’. It is suspected that he may have been aware of the operations carried out by Kodi Suni. Since he had controlled the party citation groups for a long time, allegations had surfaced within the CPM that he was protecting those involved in such incidents.

Besides, the accused in the case, Rajesh Khanna, a blade from Vadikal, Kollam, appeared for the usurer. He is a lawyer junior. Known as the party’s lawyer, he is said to be Kodi Suni behind his appearance for Rajesh Khanna, but there are indications that there was interference beyond that. Rajesh Khanna, the accused in several cases, is a moneylender but has close links with gangs in Kannur. TP KK convicted in Chandrasekharan murder case Rajesh Khanna was also present at the wedding of Mohammad Shafi.

‘A Settlement Leader’

Gold smuggling will explode. If it is stolen from the hands of those associated with the parties, it will be bought back. This is one of the important events of a prominent person in Koothuparamba who has no responsibility in the party. The reason for his influence is that he is a close relative of the Chief Minister. A few months ago, a gold smuggler from Panur, who was close to the CPM, was first approached by gold smugglers when he was robbed of his gold by a party citation member. Asked to return the gold but the quotation team did not yield.

Eventually, the gang linked to the gold smugglers was rented out near Tokkilangadi and strategically retrieved. The gold was stolen by a member of the Quotations team, a Goods Auto driver. The tenants became acquainted with him and one day called him on the pretext of taking the fridge out of the house and locked him inside. With this incident, the person who led the citation distanced himself from the CPM. With that he had to move to another place in Thokkilangadi. But under the influence, Kasargod went to such a settlement but was beaten and eventually hospitalized.

There are a lot of young people under him who were brought up through political quotations. He is said to have been involved in benami deals related to brick quarries but was also part of the gold smuggling ring. A carrier who had brought gold for him at Munnampeedika, near Koothuparamba, had fallen into the hands of another quoting group. Later, when the phone calls came, they released the carrier. He is believed to be involved in various operations in Kannur. He was arrested in the case of trying to kill Chandrasekharan. Although he is not a member of the party, he was arrested by the police in a case four years ago. Activists surrounded the house and completed the protection.

(to be continued)