‘Not Bhagyalakshmi’s army, but all support is for Chechi’; Ashwathy

AAshwathy has become a favorite of Malayalees through the serial ‘Alphonsamma’ telecast on Shanet. The series marked a turning point in the acting career of actress Ashwathy or Prasilla Jerin. Apart from Alphonsa, the Malayalee audience also took over Amala, the villain of the serial ‘Kungumappoovu’. The actor was not very active in acting after marriage. Ashwathy has acted in only four serials in her career. Then the actor, who gave importance to family life, stood aside.

Ashwathy’s new post on social media has gone viral. The actress herself shared a picture of Ashwathy and her husband Jerry posing with Bhagyalakshmi on her Instagram page. Ashwathy has shared the picture with the caption ‘Let Bertha lie here ..’ So far, fans have been wondering whose fan Ashwathy is, who has been raving about Bigg Boss. However, when a fan asked Bhagyalakshmi if she was an Army member for the film, she said that it was not an Army but all support was for Bhagya. Ashwathy shared a picture taken with Bagyalakshmi during an interview program in Kairali titled ‘A Rainbow in the Mind’.

Also, Ashwathy did not forget to criticize the Bigg Boss players who take every game on the show personally without taking it as a game. The player also praises Veena for always showing team spirit and game spirit in the second season.

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Last Updated Mar 4, 2021, 7:09 PM IST