Norway’s Caston sets new world record in 400m hurdles

London: Norwegian athlete reaps world record ahead of Olympics Norway’s men ‘s Caston Warhol set a world record in the 400m hurdles. The record, which has not been broken for 29 years, was broken yesterday. Kevin Young of the United States set a new world record of 46.70 seconds, a time of 46.78 seconds set in 1992.

‘Winning before the Olympics gives a lot of confidence. I was convinced that his body still had the ability to move faster. ‘ The 25-year-old athlete said as he stood by his time board.

Norway’s Caston Warhome is the best athlete on the Olympic medal hunter list. Caston won the Diamond League in Oslo. At the Olympics, Caston will face Roy Benjamin of the United States. Roy finished the 400 meters in 46.83 seconds in the U.S. Olympic qualifying race last month. Along with them, Qatar’s athlete Abdur Rahman also clocked a time of less than 47 seconds.