No shortage of vaccines, says center after Rajasthan stocks for 3 days SOS

Covid vaccination: The Center has already sent 85,000 emergency doses of anti-Covid vaccines to Rajasthan.


There is no shortage of anti-Covid vaccines in Rajasthan, the center said today after the state said it would run out of vaccines soon if the center did not urgently send more supplies. The state government had asked the center to send more doses, as this slowed the pace of the vaccination campaign, with only those who needed their second dose receiving the vaccine today.

“The factual position is that there is no COVID-19 vaccine shortage with the state at this time. Rajasthan received 37.61 lakh doses and consumed only 24.28 lakh doses until last night. The central government regularly monitors the availability of vaccines in all states and UTs (Union Territories), and providing doses according to their needs and their consumption pattern, ”the center said.

Rajasthan, which has vaccinated 2.5 lakh per day, says it only has 5.85 lakh doses left for the next two days, the state health minister said. Dr Raghu Sharma sent an SOS message to the center, requesting a buffer stock of vaccine doses for the state.

“We have vaccines for three days. If the vaccines don’t reach us … we asked for 60 lakh vaccines needed in March just to continue the campaign as it is. way … If we don’t have the stock, how will the drive work? “Mr. Sharma told NDTV.

The center has already sent 85,000 emergency doses of anti-Covid vaccines to the state.

Rajasthan has 67 lakh beneficiaries for doses of Covishield or Covaxin, the two vaccines approved in India. More than 29.9 lakh doses have been administered since the mega vaccination campaign began in January, Sharma said. Of these, the state government gave the military 2.15 lakh doses.

With the inoculation campaign now progressing at a faster rate, the state needs a total of 136 lakh vaccine doses for frontline workers and those in the 60+ age group and 45 category. + sick. For the month of March alone, the state needs 60 doses of lakh vaccine.

The state has also redistributed vaccines to fill the gap in districts like Bundi, Jhalawar, Jhunjhunu, Alwar, Nagaur, Jaipur and Karauli.

On Monday, 77 people, including 38 MPs, took their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at the premises of the Rajasthan assembly.

179 new cases of coronavirus brought the state’s infection count to 3,21,711. No deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours.