No more Bluetooth talking while driving; The license will be suspended if proof is obtained, the Department of Motor Vehicles said bluetooth

Although it is an offense to speak with a mobile phone close to the ear while driving, the use of Bluetooth has not been banned. Bluetooth conversations are now banned. Talking on the phone using Bluetooth technology while driving will no longer take the license. It is proposed to report to the RTO along with the evidence and suspend the license.

The traffic police are stepping up action based on the increased accident rate due to phone use. It has been found that talking ‘hands free’ by connecting a mobile phone to an in-vehicle speaker via Bluetooth can lead to accidents.

Motor vehicle officials say that despite the practical difficulties in enforcing the law, one should avoid talking while driving using Bluetooth. The phone can be connected to a vehicle music system using Bluetooth. This way it is not difficult to talk on the phone. However, it is dangerous to use anything in the vehicle that could distract the driver while driving.