Nimisha Fatima should be deported from Afghanistan, says her mother Harji | | IS recruit | Nimisha Fathima

Kochi: Nimisha Fatima and her baby, who are in jail in Afghanistan. Direction to Central and State Governments for repatriation His mother approached the High Court asking him to come. Thiruvananthapuram native Swadeshi K. Submitted by Bindu Van Habia Scorpus Harji.

In 2016, her husband Palakkad volunteered to join the IAC, a terrorist organization. Leaving Nimisha Fatima with Shi Bexani. Last year BDA at Dental College, Kasargod Poinachi The student was identified as Yahweh, who later became the Fatima.

Bexon also changed his name and adopted the name Jesus. The two later went to Sri Lanka and from there to Afghanistan. Among them, 21 Malayalees have left the country to join the IAC.

Later clashes with the Afghan army, including Bexon. They were killed. To send Indians to the country, including missionaries who have joined the PT. Govt raises concerns over Indian security The government has taken a two-pronged approach. Bindu filed the petition in the High Court questioning this.