Nidhhi Agerwal: I have no one to send a message to, no one to call

Nidhhi: I have no one to send a message to, no one to call

Actress Nidhhi Agerwal says she doesn’t want unnecessary speculation about who she is dating, so she has become very cautious when dating friends.

“After the latest paparazzi spotting, I’m very cautious these days. Even though I want to go out to dinner with a friend, I’m very cautious. I don’t want all of that (rumors and links). So when I have to going out with a friend, I just tell them to find a way to go somewhere, ”Nidhhi told the media.

The actress, who stars alongside Telugu superstar Pawan Kalyan in an upcoming untitled film, says she is currently single.

“My love life is amazing,” says Nidhhi, adding, “I travel nonstop. I am completely single. I have no one to send a message to, no one to call. Sometimes I sit down and see other people. phones. I’m wondering who should I be texting to. Then I end up sending a message to my manager! ” she says.

Is she open to having someone in her life at this point? “First I need to meet someone and then things might happen. But right now I’m really, really happy. If someone comes into my life, I’ll be happy, but I’m not expecting a relationship. “

Emphasizing the importance of a healthy relationship, she said, “Someone can come and add positivity to my life. I’m happy otherwise it doesn’t have to be. Otherwise, with so much travel and less sleep. , I can’t do anything else. “

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