neraj with daughter: first birthday after father; മകളെ ചേർത്തുപിടിച്ച് നീരജ് – actor neeraj madhav’s first birthday after becoming father, actor shares pics with her daughter


  • Neeraj takes his daughter in his arms
  • The daughter’s name is Ashwati

Actor, singer and screenwriter Neeraj Madhav celebrates his first birthday after becoming a father. Neeraj and his wife Deepti gave birth to a baby girl in February. Now, the notable young actor has shared a picture of himself celebrating his birthday with his daughter in his arms. Many stars and fans have arrived with congratulations.

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Neeraj and Deepti were married in 2018. Neeraj Drishyam, who made his film debut in 2013 with ‘Buddy’, has acted in several films including 1983, Apothikiri, Sapthamashree Thaskara, A Northern Selfie, Kunjiramayanam, A Mexican Aparatha, Adi Kapyare Koottamani, Love Under the Pipe, and Gautam’s Ratham. Neeraj has also written the script for the movie ‘Lavakusha’. Neeraj recently starred as Moosa in the Bollywood web series ‘The Family Man’.

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Recently, Neeraj Madhav was noticed for composing rap songs. Wraps like ‘Panipali’, ‘Akkarappachcha’, ‘Fly’ and ‘First Love’ have already gone viral. Neeraj’s upcoming films include Ka, My Villain and Pathira Kurbana.

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